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Lemastota(1.3 MW)

The Lemastota Hydro Project; commissioned for operation in 2010, is a Hydro Power Plant with the capacity of 1.3 Mega Watt, located in Lemastota, Nikapotha; within close proximity to the Lemastota Oya energy source.

The plant features a specification of a Synchronous Generator. Cutting edge centralized monitoring and command centres closely track output and make required adjustments with minimal human intervention thus ensuring uncompromised power generation efficiency.

When operating at peak efficiency, the project will make a saving of 940 metric tonnes of CO₂ emissions per annum.


Technical Specification
Capacity1.3 MW
Project Location
Nikapotha, Sri Lanka
Energy Source
Lemastota Oya
Generator TypeSynchronous Generator
Number of generating units
Commissioned Year